Washing machine makes a "clunk" noise throughout the washing process. What could it be?

During the washing process there is a clunk (once) noise. It occurs after filling but before agitation; after agitation but before emptying; after emptying but before filling for rinse etc. Wondering if this is a transmission or gear problem

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TSC7 years ago
Butten on a pair of pants,Ziper on a coat,
lemonie7 years ago

did it not do this previously?

seandogue7 years ago
From what I can surmise, that's probably the clutch engaging. Mine does something similar, although it happens for me right after the wash cycle and prior to rinse, and once after it at the very end of the entire cycle.. It's annoying, isn't it?

framistan7 years ago
if the washer is new, then maybe you didn't remove the drum retainer strap. it is a tie-strap on the back of the washer that you are supposed to remove before using the washer. The strap helps hold the drum in place during shipping but it is common for the customer to forget to remove it.
aeray7 years ago
Without knowing the manufacturer and model number, it is hard to diagnose. I've had a lot of luck with this website, and appliance repair is not really my forte (and it's free): http://www.appliancerepair.net/apnet/