Washing machine motor wiring?

i just found a washing machine on the road. when i dismantled it. there was only the motor no capacitor found.
 on the motor there is no description or labels.

there is 3 wires out of it.

i want to run this motor at full speed whichever direction it rotates. just want it to run at maximum speed. 

the simplest way is the better.

Wires on it

Blue WIre
Red Wire
Yellow wire

i have the capacitor that i got from another motor.

just need to know how to wire it.
 connect it to the mains
run at maximum power without burning it.

the motor is brushless.

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Vyger6 years ago
Run whatever numbers are on it through Google and try and find a schematic for it. Since some motors require starter circuits you need to know what is missing before you try plugging it in.
fdoehpp6 years ago
you may connect without CAP but it need to manually turn the shaft.
check this out.

Being red/blue/yellow I gotta wonder if one's a speed sensor.
Red probably hot, might be 110 but sometimes washers have transformers (i believe).
Yellow would be my guess for a speed sensor.
Blue would likely be a 'switched' wire (ie: on/off) in my opinion.

Easiest solution to my mind would be to put a multimeter to it (reb/blue first IMO) then spin the dude. DC motors supposedly work as generators too, so i'm told, I've never had anything to try it with.
ARJOON (author)  Andale_The_Great6 years ago
tried it with a capacitor and now works
the best way to tell is just trial and error. with only 3 wires this shouldn't be a problem. try red ac supply and blue return, then vise versa, red supply yellow return, etc etc, then try the same thing with a 12volt battery.
Any signs of switchgear on the armature ?

ARJOON (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
nothing. just 3 wires out.