Wat is the best way to fix / improve a boggy 4 stroke dirt bike my means of cleaning it or buying new parts?

I have a 4 stroke 50 cc panterra dirt bike and the engine bog if you turn the throtle too quickly insteadof slowly twisting it . how can i improve the throtle response by means of cleaning it or buying H.P. parts

NachoMahma8 years ago
. Check/replace air and fuel filters, as per Lemonie, and then check the spark plug, plug wire, and coil/magneto. If still not running right, you probably need to rebuild the carb.
First, check the sparkplug. Second, get carburator cleaner that you put in the gas tank. Run a couple of tanks, and it'll run like new.
lemonie8 years ago
Clean the air filter, and carb'. If there's not a good fuel-filter you might fit one. See if that makes a difference? L