Waterproofing RC servo connections?

Hi everyone. I have used epoxy to waterproof my RC receivers. I have thought that there is no need to waterproof the connections because it is only 6V and not enough to corrode the connectors. I still want to be able to swap my receivers between models. I have splashed through puddles before but not completely submersed it in water.

So is there any reason that I should be waterproofing these connectors? Or is the voltage not enough to cause any problems?

Thanks, David.

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David97 (author) 4 years ago
Has anyone got a good idea for waterproofing the buttons? I was thinking of using silicone glue but not sure if the epoxy will bond to it. I can either put glue over the button and then epoxy around it or do it the other way around. Not sure If it will bond between the silicone and epoxy.
If the connectors are gold flashed, they barely need protecting.
David97 (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Ok thanks, probably a good idea to replace my servo leads. I have some gold pins that I will swap before waterproofing a new receiver.
Vaseline or other petroleum jelly is great for water proofing connections.
benmurton4 years ago
It would be worth doing something like covering them in grease, to keep water out, then you can still remove them.