Ways to go about making a mechanism to lift then rapidly drop a small box lid?

I'm looking to build a sound installation that uses the sound of a sheet metal box lid slamming. The box would probably be approx. 6" x 6" x 12". I'd be willing to make it slightly larger. I'd like to have a mechanism inside the box that lifts the lid, then rapidly drops it, either pulling it shut or dropping out of the way. I'm sure a mechanism like this exists somewhere in the instructables for other objects but I'm not sure where to look! Any assistance would be very helpful!

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frollard5 years ago
a spiral wheel to lift the lid would do the trick...

it's a spiral shape cut out to work like a radial gear -- and it pushes on a cam when rotated. this pushing would lift the lid. When the cam hits the end of the spiral it drops back toward the axle abruptly - either by gravity or have a spring that pulls inward faster.
+1 but I think you totally stole that idea from Leonardo da Vinci. http://www.msichicago.org/scrapbook/scrapbook_exhibits/leonardo/models/12_model.html


kinda borrowed it yeah;

+5 Snail cam every time.
forgot to think in my drawing -- that shows the lid open when the spiral is at its lowest -- really it would be closed at that point, only open while the fat part of the cam is lifting the lid!
iceng frollard5 years ago
Still +1