Weird cable?

OK so im wondering if this on the market (a little back story) Im building myself a home media center using an old pc and xbmc. I'd like to connect to my TV through HDMI so i can get full 1080p video from my media center the only problem being is that my old pc doesn't have an hdmi port only a dvi, so i was wondering if a cable or box existed that could combine the dvi from the graphics card and audio from the headphone port into HDMI allowing me to simply plug the other end into my TV.

                                      --------DVI (female from graphics card)
HDMI (male)<---------
                                     --------Audio from PC (female from little green hole by usb slot on the mobo)

Something similar to that, preferably cheap otherwise I'll simply pick up a new $50 card from Newegg.

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frollard7 years ago
Some video cards have a non-standard output on the dvi port to actually include the audio in the video cable such that it lines up with the correct hdmi >> dvi pins without any conversion. Also an option: Get a video card that spits out HDMI -- they internally include the audio signal. Last option, even better would be get a sound card that outputs optical S/PDIF audio and hook that straight to a surround amp. TV speakers suck anyway :D
Douglerful (author)  frollard7 years ago
Thanks, I guess im gunna have to choose door number two with the new video card
Not possible HDMI is a digital interface you can't add signals willy-nilly.
Douglerful (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
I understand that but couldn't you have a converter box or similar? I mean i have a hdmi to dvi cable, i just was wondering if that could be taken farther with the audio
Not without silicon, a lot of design effort, a PCB, and suddenly 50 bucks seems a good deal !