Weld Aluminum Square Tube?

I'm thinking of building an RV trailer, using aluminum square tube to make the trailer frame and the RV frame, skinning it with aluminum sheets. I've never welded anything, but am a fast study. Thanks!

Spencer C (author) 2 months ago

Oh, yeah, I meant to ask if brazing the tubes together would be strong enough?

Nope! I wouldn't trust a braze with all that potential road chatter. This class teaches MIG welding, but if you're going into the world of aluminum I recommend TIG welding. Aluminum welding is awesome, but a little high-touch.

Good luck!

There is no reason to divert Spencer C to tig welding. Mig welded aluminum is just fine....provided that you know how to weld!

As for building an aluminum trailer being your first & unexperienced, I'd say don't even attempt it...if it doesn't hold & causes a crash/injuries, you will NEVER own anything again after the litigation is over.

Spencer C (author)  audreyobscura2 months ago