Were can i find kno3

I ned to find relativly cheap kno3 somewere

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try this, it is a simple military technique right out of the improvised munitions hand book, and instead of writing the whole thing in this comment, how about the link. this method is fairly simple but is time consuming.


wpcodename5 years ago
If you want a small quantity for a relatively cheap price, go to Walmart, buy a $6.00 bottle of Spectracide Granulated Stump Remover. . . It's about a pound? http://www.spectracide.com/Products-and-Solutions/All-Products/Spectracide-Stump-Remover.aspx
It's Potassium Nitrate. :)
While you could find potassium nitrate (saltpeter) much cheaper online, I would be a bit wary of having explosives shipped to my house. Your local drug store seems like the more prudent choice.
tulavatalo (author)  NobodyInParticular8 years ago
they dont have
Prfesser8 years ago
Online purchase of KNO3 is probably the easiest way to get it (in quantities of a few pounds) nowadays. Skylighter.com has it and many other ingredients for pyrotechnics. KNO3 is NOT an explosive; although it's used to make fireworks and other pyrotechnics, potassium nitrate itself can be heated in an ordinary oven to dry it. It won't blow up, though it may decompose if heated well beyond the melting point, or if heated in contact with a fuel.
tulavatalo (author)  Prfesser8 years ago

1 problem the don't ship to FI

jtobako8 years ago
In the search function, look for kno3 or potassium nitrate. It's been brought up a half dozen or so times.