Wet DS lite now won't power on?

My daughter found out the hard way that her trunk leaked and the result was a soaked DS lite in the case. When she opened the DS apparently she had left it on and had problems getting it to power off, but finally got it to power off so she could remove the games, etc. and allow it to dry out. Now after waiting a day for it to dry it will not power back on, no response at all when you try to turn it on. When you connect to the charger you get an orange light. What's the most likely problem... a dead pcb or fuse?

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frollard8 years ago
a day is not NEARLY enough time to dry out. Take out the battery and let it dry at least a week with a fan blowing on it. other optional step - wrap it in a layer of paper towel, then bury it in a dissecant - rice works really well for this. only power it on after it has really and truly dried. any short circuits inside will damage it possibly permanently.
shedav62 (author)  frollard7 years ago
Hi, I never got notified that someone ever replied... Anyway, it's been months since I posted this and the thing never came back on, even after letting it dry for several weeks.  If it did short circuit, would replacing the pcb fix it?  I was able to take apart my son's ds and fix a broken hinge (amid mild cursing), would I be able to replace the pcb or should I just send it in and have it repaired?
Heh, no problem - you can check on your account "replies to my comments" - that way I keep up with when I have messages to me.

If it still doesnt work without a lot of drying out, it may be permanently damaged :(.  Like I said, having power applied while there is a short causes parts to burn out as they are essentially not hooked up properly.  Sending it in for repair would likely end up costing more than a new ds.
mman15068 years ago
use rice or silca gel packets or stick it in the freezer or put it in the stove
mweston8 years ago
This seems to work with a lot of different wet electronics, take a panel off the DS, which might require a special screwdriver (and if you don't want to buy the screwdriver just don't worry about disassembling it). After that you just put in in a tub of rice for 3+ days. The idea behind it is that the rice absorbs all of the moisture in it. It saved both my old iPod and my dads cellphone. Remember to take the battery out, but still put both in the rice just to be safe.
lemonie8 years ago
It's probably still damp inside. Take the case apart and put it somewhere warm & dry for another day. Then see if it's still not working. L
fwjs288 years ago
i wonder if the thing could be dead....hrmmmmmm......short circuit?......dead battery?......i wonder........