What Are Some Good, Homemade Guinea Pig Toys?

I have a pet store cage, but after my birthday I am going to make a c&c cage!

KatieH25 years ago
Mirrors are good toys also a sock filled with hey is very good toy
Paper bags are a very good toy
Tennis Balls
Blocks of wood
also store bought toys arent the best for guinea pigs
Clothes are also good just fresh out of the dryer
maddy33467 years ago
-take a clean shoebox and cut a large enoug hole in it for the guinea pig to into the box.  all u have to do is put it in the cage up-side down.
-pvc pipe that is large enough for the piggy to run through.

these are just a few ideas.  go onto google and type something like
'make homemade guinea pig toys'
sammychow4 (author)  maddy33467 years ago
thanks i do that every week for protection for my guinea pig from my cat.
orksecurity8 years ago
Small cardboard boxes to hide in/chew on?