What Flower is this please. Does anyone know?





Thank you, by shop it should be canadian blueberry but I don't think so :D

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AndyGadget4 years ago
From the flowers it's one of the Solanum family, most likely American Nightshade - Solanum Americanum. (That's an Australian site but it's very widespread - Are you in the US?)
Careful if you have youngsters around - Those berries are deadly!
. . . and if the shop sold it as Canadian blueberry, I'd say they're guilty of criminal negligence.
Pompaj (author)  AndyGadget4 years ago
No actually I'm from Czech Republic, over the ocean, far from the US.
Oh I even didn't know that it's an Australian site but clever and helpful people are everywhere as I can see .
Thank you :).
I'm actually in Britain, but the American nightshade is native of Australia and spread to the US.  It's most likely not American nightshade in Europe - it prefers warmer climes - but there's several others (not deadly or woody nightshade; they have purple flowers) in the nightshade family it might possibly be.

One thing's for certain - It's definitely NOT Canadian blueberry.
Kiteman4 years ago
You can upload pictures to the Natural History Museum forums for identification by experts (LINK)