What Kind of Bass This?

Unmarked bass guitar. Circa 1970'. Made in Japan (says neck plate).

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landmanhall8 years ago
'70S era Japan wasnt known for quality instruments. I would take it to any music store and see if they know or can point you to someone who does. Or find an older bass player who may recognize the brand. I have seen a few books on guitar indentification but not one dealing with basses. Also you might try a pawn shop but DONT sell it there. They will offer about a third of what its worth. In the end, if it plays well and your happy with it, thats all that matters! It looks nice and it seems to have been taken care of too. I'd play it on stage no problem! Rock on!
Clayton H. (author)  landmanhall8 years ago
My Aunt says it's a fender.

I don't believe her and she was the one who gave me the bass
No chance that's a Fender.

As landmanhall wrote, that's a '60's MIJ (Made In Japan) bass. Could be any number of different brandnames:

Teisco, Guyatone, Kingston, Mayfair, Aria, etc., etc. Or rebranded US names, like Silvertone, Harmony and Kay.
LucDaRocka15 years ago
i know exactley what kind it is now! its a japanese production line bass that u could buy in department stores such as sears in the late 60's/ early 70's..... i have a production line guitar that has no name on it too, but i found out that some had the name teisco on them, but some don't for some reason... so, its a production line del ray/ teisco
pero277 years ago
This bass is from the Matsumoku factory in Japan
As it's not branded, this is a home (Japanese) market guitar
but they made the same model for Westone, that sold across the globe, the only difference is, in the decal on the head (in the ecsistance of it)
OBar8 years ago
Could it possibly be a Danelectro...I don't know how long they have been around.
kredman8 years ago
It is a Kent, Silvertone or Harmony Bass sold through Sears usually. I believe the pickup is a National or a Dobro from the late 60's or early 70's. The instrument was most likely made by National - Harmony Guitars subsiduaries in Japan but was sold through National-Harmony for distribution to big department stores. It can claim famous lineages as Dobro, Rikkenbaker, Harmony National and Eko
Mine like that was a Decca.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
a good one? jk