What TF2 weapon do I try and make?

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Try and stick to the smaller ones, not huge ones like the Minigun or Sniper rifle, but small-medium ones like pistols, shotguns, etc.

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crashbash6 years ago
I'm currently doing the finishing touches of what could be considered the pyros flamethrower with only the compression blast. (a little more complicated... but much more dynamic, has inlets for addons like a port for adding flower or baking soda if you wanted to make a cloud, or a nozzle that can be added on the outlet if you wanted to have a higher pressure output, etc) Not sure if Id make an instructable in the foreseeable future because I've already glued it together and the next model I make will be made out of brass, steel, or copper (if I have the money...)
antoman117 years ago
how about the pyro's flare gun?
Spycrab (author)  antoman117 years ago
Don't hold me to it, but it will probably be done in about a week.
OK cool.
I made a Charging Targe that i can wear!
it's made of wood and has an arm strap
Spycrab (author)  antoman117 years ago
lol, sweet!
Can you run at scout-like speeds and scream yet? ;)
why yes, yes I can.
(but only if i drink my Bonk cola :)
An Villain7 years ago
You have already built a Force a' Nature, the shotgun is a very easy build, just a simple pump-mechanism and magazine, the Frontier Justice is just a larger shotgun with a stock, A revolver is always fun to try, the Grenade Launcher is medium sized but VERY difficult as K'nex pieces work in multiples of 8, not 6. You could also build an SMG, also, the Chargin' Targe is easy enough, but uses a lot of pieces if you want it to be strong, you could also have a go at making a Syringe Gun with an over-barrel drum hopper, other than that you could build melee weapons or a Sentry Gun/Dispenser.