What USB to Serial/FTDI cable/device should i buy?

i have been given a budget of 100$ for a project i'm building. for this project(which i'll probably make an instructable about) i'm going to be using a couple of Atmega328's in an arduino'ish configuration.

my problem is that i'm unsure about what i should use to program them with.
i need the programmer to be somewhat portable as i'll be using it in many upcoming projects. i also read something about the way the programmer resets the atmega328 should be different or something.

should i buy an FTDI-cable or a FTDI basic breakout?

qazwsx7557 years ago
Do you already have Arduino Duemilanove, Diecimila or Nano?
maewert7 years ago
You may consider using the Ardweeny from Solarbotics with a Sparksfun FTDI basic programmer.  The Ardweeny is about $10 and provides nearly everything you'd need to get started.  The Sparksfun FTDI programmer is under $15.  The Ardweeny is a simple to build daughterboard that sits on top of the 328 which is included.
gmxx7 years ago
 The AVR programer makes the most sense, unless you are buying the chips with the ardion bootloader installed. They cost about a buck more per chip.

If you want the ftdi cable/breakout, sparkfun.com has one that is well recommended
For "naked" 328s you're much better buying the ATISP II programmer and putting a six pin header on your boards. You can mess around with Arduino loaders, but you have to put them on the chip with ISP II to begin with....

I'd get the cable, its a really neat thing

The programmer is less than 25 dollars