What all are the cool sensors you could make with an op amp lm 741?.I was planning to make some sensors for fun!?

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Here's a few things from just about 16 years ago. One is a guitar amp with effects and the second is an electronic stethoscope.

You can't make "sensors" with an op-amp - you should fix your question tags, op-amp is one concept.

You CAN connect sensors TO a 741, but it won't "sense" anything without them.

op amps "comparator " function seemed to me as a tool to make sensors!
yes op amp itself is not necessary.but could u provide some nice stuff to build from op amps!
Like I said, it will condition the output of a sensor, perhaps by amplifying it, then comparing it against a reference, but WHAT will it sense ?

Its an amplifier no a means for providing input or feedback to a circuit. But here are some things you can do with it.
thank u for the link.but what i meant was to use op amp as a tool in making sensors not entirely depending on its functions! like its comparator functions!
lemonie5 years ago
Sensors for fun eh?
I guess that if you had a conductivity-sensor which you could place on a person's body you'd get a positive if they got moist, by sweating for example.
That's not too hard, Darlington transistor.