What amperage will I get from these capacitors?

Alright I am finally getting around to making a coil gun, I made a measly bank of 30 330v 100uf capacitors, totaling 3k uf. However, I just took apart a big ass power supply for battery banks, now I have two coke-can sized 250 volt capacitors, each rated 4400 uf, and I am going to hook them up in parallel, making it an 8200uf capacitor bank, to charge with camera flash circuits in parallel as well. Thing is, I need to find a relay that won't blow up from this, so what kind of amperage will I be getting sending this through a coil?

mrmerino4 years ago
Well, that depends on what voltage you charge them with. The voltage you charge them with should be equivalent to the voltage you get out of them. So then it's a matter of finding the resistance and calculating the current.
XOIIO (author) 4 years ago
I am also considering making a rail gun using these, the system to get the projectile moving would be kind of tricky but not too much, and I could use a manual valve. Finding rails and ball bearings or whatnot might be tricky around here though but who knows.