What are camping roll mats made of?

Does anybody know what kind of foam those cheap roll-up camping mats are made from?  The most detail I've found on a label is "foam construction".

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mole13 years ago


This gives you names. (What I call green foam is pictured.)

Insulite is EVA Foam. That may mean something to you. It has the softest feel

Will try to find out more about blue foam mats.

Did you ingest one of them?

For the Army issued "Mat, Sleeping, Foam", the description specifies closed-cell, cross linked polyethylene foam

Kiteman (author)  thematthatter3 years ago

I was checking for suitability for laser cutting - some plastics and foams generate gases that damage the optics.

Polyethylene (and polyurethane) should be OK, though.

mole13 years ago

What kind? The closed cell blue stuff, the closed cell beige stuff that's less stiff, the cheap closed cell green hard kind?

Kiteman (author)  mole13 years ago

See, now I didn't even know that the different coloured rolls were made of different foams!

I don't suppose you know them all?

iceng3 years ago


iceng iceng3 years ago

Now that I thought about it, I was describing individual exercise roll mats.

The outdoor camp sleep ware my married children use are light rubberized blow-up tube cushions and then they drop a sleeping bag on top.

JM19993 years ago

polyolefin foam

That should be the answer!