What are fun things to make when blacksmithing?


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Re-design7 years ago
All kinds of tools.
Metal brackets for shelves.
Fancy book ends.
bbq utensils.
Med-evil devices for Renaissance fairs.
Chopper sissy bars.
Gate and door hinges and hardware.
Wrought iron gate and fence.

Pfarmkid (author)  Re-design7 years ago
yeah, my dad can make door hinges with horse shoes
onrust7 years ago
 Tools that help you make more projects are usually the first things you make.  When I heard this, the student was making a pair of tongs like these.
nickodemus7 years ago
My uncle makes knives and daggers from railroad spikes. He twists the handle and beats the end into a point, then sharpens and hones the blade.
Pfarmkid (author)  nickodemus7 years ago
Awesome Might have to try it someday thanks