What are good knex sidearms/pistols rifle, ?

i have a pretty good amount of knex pieces and i want to build a lot of knex true trigger pistols/sidearms, rifles, Guns overall so that i can have an armory. so what are guns that are are compact, small,(be great if the rifles are small) shoot white rods or bigger (no tiny bullet waste of green rods) that are true trigger and are strong or moderate and range between pistols, gatling guns, rifles, sniper rifles, etc. and that they look nice that dont look so bad or ugly. PLEASE HELP cause i wanna try to have an armoury in a few days.

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An Villain7 years ago
These are (in my opinion) the best weapon set, a sidearm, secondary, and primary weapon each excellent in its own respect but working even better when used as a set.
Long range, power and capacity, and in a low piece setup, perfect.
Medium range, compact, fast rate of fire, and very solid, perfect.
Long range, high capacity, very accurate, low piece, perfect.
lioneatr8 years ago
For the pistol i would recommend the Spiff ,by I am Canadian. It has good range and shoots white rods with a large jam free magazine and a true trigger. For the rifle i would say the UMP-45,by The Dunkis . It is one of my favorite knex guns that i have ever made. It has removable ,huge, pre-loadable magazines that shoot grey connectors ..... (Sorry if they are too small) And it is powerful. As you may know , slingshot guns and crossbows are always a good choice because of there range but they take a while to load and they are single shot . So i hope this helps ! :)
iundonei (author)  lioneatr8 years ago
any idea for a gun that shoots the long grey rod
The Beast PIstol works like mad, i tried it and made my friend cry, and i never saw him cry.
Haha, thanks, one of my friends from school built it and he and and a friend shot each other with it point blank. Stupid, but hillarious.
 More like Idiotic, Ignorant and dumb. People should test it on a wall first. hat if knex could shoot through metal and people didn't know then tried shooting each other. Wouldn't that be funny.
hmm you could try gorkems sniper rifle? Its very very strong, shoots grey rods, has a magazine and uses not to many pieces
iundonei (author)  lioneatr8 years ago
he doesnt have much of an instructable its kinda hard because i cant build the barrel and the magazine help?
hmm well here is a better ible for it https://www.instructables.com/id/Moded-Gorkems-sniper-rifle/ note: the guy who made the ible did not include a mag sorry but, i m sure you can add one if you like i can help you
iundonei (author)  lioneatr8 years ago
i tried it before and it wasnt working to well
well i have a great gun that shoots red rods ? https://www.instructables.com/id/K_NEX-AST-RIFLE/
iundonei (author)  lioneatr8 years ago
o.o that thing is uglyyyyyyyyyy lmao
ok, try red impact by perfect duck
iundonei (author)  lioneatr8 years ago
the only problem i have on the ump 45 is what it shoots. im thinking maybe i can cut rods into the right size and just use it as ammo
Ok i cant believe i forgot but the TRv1 or br18. The are both made by KILLERK .They both can shoot and size rod. As the names suggest, The TRv1 holds 8 shots and the BR18 holds 18 shots. Here is a link

8-shot- https://www.instructables.com/id/My-new-BR/
16-shot- https://www.instructables.com/id/Trifle/

I am terribly sorry but there are no instructions .
But, they are easy enough to build from the pictures
iundonei (author)  lioneatr8 years ago
wow the spiff is a nice gun thanx anymore ideas like for a rifle but not sling shot please
one sec
ohh and by the way , both of those guns are right here on ibles!
TigerNod8 years ago
If I can understand, you want to make an armoury with minimal pieces. There is a specific knex gun I can highly recommend. https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Sniper-With-New-Firing-System/

This knex gun was the first slingshot ever created. Sure, it looks like crap, but if you want a sling for little pieces, here it is.
DJ Radio8 years ago
IAC's pistols seem good for your pistol requirements. ZKAR seems the best choice for a rifle. Ive built the front part, and the loading mech is solid.
u should have probably mentioned that the ZKAR is on KI and make sure you find the V2 cause its better than V 1
Well, I ran out of green rods, so I couldnt finish it.
you also ran out of greens dude youve either got a massive project coming or eat knex
I got more parts since I posted that comment.
The Jamalam8 years ago
BR18 is a good primary because it shoots hard and fast. Z35 is a good secondary because it has limited shots, but shoots far and has a lot of features. Spiff pistol is good; it's small and powerful (but actually good). Dj Radio's AR-4 commando V3 shoots hard and there is a removeable mag mod for it too. There are a lot of snipers out there, but try a sipriani rifle v2, or upgrade it to v3 when it comes out. Also, K'nexstealth's springfield rifle is excellent. For a machine gun, try perfect Duck's k'nexecutioner v2: cyclone.
iundonei (author)  The Jamalam8 years ago
the z35 looks badass looks confusing but ima try it