What are some createive ideas for an old piston?

My shop teacher gave me 2 old pistons from a tractor and told me make something creative outta them does anyone have any ideas???

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I've seen a large one used as a headlight bucket on a custom bike !
Re-design5 years ago
Slice them lengthwise and make two sets of book ends out of them.
Kiteman5 years ago
A photo would be of great help, but my first thought is some sort of desk-set (pen-holder).

Or epoxy them to a sheet of plywood, with a two-inch gap in between, and it's a door-stop (slide it under the door from the open edge).

Or hang them from a long bar, balance the bar on a spike, and put it all in the garden as a kinetic sculpture.

Or get hold of a shop mannequin. Thread a bar right through its head at ear-lobe height, and hang the pistons as extreme earrings.
Don,t try this at home (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I would add a pic but i dont got a camara at the moment but thanks for the idea
Burf5 years ago
When I was in high school shop several guys made cigar/cigarette ashtrays by cutting them midway through the wrist pin sockets.
Other uses would be to grind out the innards, mount a battery powered clockwork and make a desk clock, or make an LED bicycle light or add an automotive light and socket with a red lens for a pair of tail lights/turn signals for your hotrod, moped or motorcycle.
Don,t try this at home (author)  Burf5 years ago
I like the idea with the clock i think im gonna do that one
Don,t try this at home (author)  Burf5 years ago
Thanks i like the idea with the clock i think im gonna do that one.
canucksgirl5 years ago
How about cutting the piston into sections and weld together a robot looking thing. (It doesn't have to function like one). :)