What are some good knex guns?

I want to buid a good knex gun that is pretty powerful but I don't know which guns are worth building. 

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If you like replica's, my mp5k is pretty good, and so is MotaBoi's F2000. Or, at the homepage hit "play", go to "knex" and search by rating.
well one gun you might like is the z35 its good looking easy to mod but it has got quite a bit of pieces
DJ Radio6 years ago
Some of the best guns I built that were powerful were the Knexsayer, ZKAR, TR, and NAR. I liked the knexsayer the best because it was pump action and you could easily convert it into a shotgun.
David976 years ago
I know about a good pump-action witch will teach you about pumps and it can be easyley modefyed.
TheDunkis6 years ago
Depends what you mean by "good" and "pretty powerful".
I'm sure most people are going to instantly jump to the NAR and TR18. They're powerful, yes, but rather dull in my opinion. There are quite a few good guns but seeing how I'm sure most other people are going to advertise their own guns, I'll just say that I recommend the Oodassault 3.6 of mine if you want something with decent power, easy loading, and an overall cool design.
Otherwise just wait for other replies