What are some good techniques to use when building solar panels?

I have been messing around with solar cells for the past few weeks and made a couple small panels and even one to put on my Losi Speed T (which is really cool, I got the idea from this Instructable - https://www.instructables.com/id/Building_a_Solar_Powered_RC_car/). Specific things to touch base on would be tabbing cells together, and what is the difference between tab and bus wire as well? What voltage specifically should I be shooting for to charge a 12v battery? Anything else that seems important to building a full sized panel is accepted.

kostya8 years ago
You need at least 15-18V/200mA. The higher current (over 200mA) makes charging less time-consuming.
mweston (author)  kostya8 years ago
I have 3.5 amps, so time isn't a problem.... every website I have looked at says about 14-18 volts is good meaning I should make an 18 volt panel so if it gets a little cloudy it still makes 15 volts. This is my assumption - correct me if i am wrong
kostya mweston8 years ago
If you make this panel, it must work fine. Think of a controller to prevent overcharging. Good luck!
110100101108 years ago
voltage - i think like 14 - 16 V. wait for answer from some1 with more experience panels are semiconductors. they dont like heat. if the output of the panel falls after some time in the sun add vents to the box and allow free air under the panels and cells inside use the smallest resistance possible between cells and batteries. avoid resistors. use mosfets instead of transistors etc for switching