What are some good things i can make with black powder?

I just made some good BP and wouldlike to know some good pyro uses for it. mainly bombs or cannons would be nice, but im open to all cool ideas. thanks in advance -voltagedude

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shawneegeek7 years ago
Hmm unless you understand the psysics of explosives, I wouldn't do anything with it.  Black powder has more explosive energy than smokless, and in most cases will react to simple friction like pressure.  You need to know your ratios, and measurements or you could end up killing yourself or someone else.

Everyone likes explosions, thats why Hollywood puts so many of them in movies.  But the explosions in movies look nothing like the explosions in real life.  I work with HE on almost a daily basis.  HE (high explosive, mostly Compound 4) .  But I know that something as small as a 5.56 can cook off and end your life.

If you want to know what you should make, then read a book... it will go over ratios, and safety precautions.  Still you do make yourself a target for being classified as a terrorist... and this can put an end to your constitutional rights... not a pretty place to be.

Five years ago, they still has books.

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DavidS2902 years ago

A cool idea that I have looked into a little bit, is using just a small amount of the black powder for an ejection charge in a small hobby rocket. You can use it, along with sugar and stump remover to make some cool rockets that work well. Here is the youtube link:

How to make the rocket fuel: https://www.youtube.com/tv#/watch?v=yUYxk-y-tU8&resume

Basic sugar rockets: https://www.youtube.com/tv#/watch?v=12fR9neVnS8&resume

The more complicated engine (using BP): https://www.youtube.com/tv#/watch?v=Q_L2yRydMZs&resume

Raydoom6 years ago
Shawneegeek dosent have a clue what he is talking about ... your more likley to set air on fire than B.P with just pressure alone. and i am intrigued as to what kind of a job requires dealing with C4 daily ? .
Re-design7 years ago
Well it's real good for taking off those extra appendages on your body, putting out eyes, burning skin, bursting eardrums and best of all GETTING YOU ARRESTED.

The federal government has a great list of things to do with black powder, why don't you call them and get a copy?
bobert6107 years ago
first off i need to know what levels of what chemicals did u us in teh bp
my answer depends on this