What are some good toys for gerbils?

I generally want homemade toys but anything will do. My gerbils chew everything up so im always looking for a good toy.

GuineaLover8 years ago
Well, I'm doing a project for a pet shop in town: making toys, giving treats, and cleaning the shop. I'm making/buying toys for all the animals there so I have a little experience. The best toy you can possibly give a gerbil is an exercise wheel. The best kind is the one I gave my mouse: the one with little metal boxes like the picture below. Another great toy that's easy, free, and a favorite for gerbils is a cardboard box. Try a bigger box and cut holes big enough for your gerbil to fit in on the sides. Hope I helped!
The best wheel(450x338) 48 KB
Gorfram8 years ago
I was going to tell you what little I knew about gerbil toys, but (sorry if this sounds snippy or anything - it really isn't meant to) typing "gerbils" into the "search" box at upper right turned up two Instructables with more & better info than I could give you.