What are some ideas for old tires landfills want money to take ??.?

I have some old car and truck tires I would feel bad about throwing out besides landfills want money to take them and I've heard steel belted tires can not be recycled What can I do with them so both my daughters generation does not have to deal with them

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Johhny8 years ago
Have you seen my new instructable called 'tyre pump'. I think its a great use for them.
ac-dc8 years ago
You can do nothing to make nobody ever have to deal with them since as jtobako noted, they already exist. Although some people think it is unsightly, one thing you can do with them is grow potatoes! The point is that potatoes grow new shooters (roots) and more potatoes the higher you trick them into growing. What you do is plant the potatoes in small tight groups that are spaced far enough apart that a tire will fit around all groups, then when they get just tall enough that the leaves clean the top of a tire, you put the tire on the group and fill it with dirt that then covers the stem and after a few waterings, causes more roots higher. Then the potato stem grows again and you put another tire on and so on, until the end of the growing season, then it is much easier to take the tire stacks apart than digging deep into the ground, and when watering them all season you need less water for a stack than you would if you built up mounds because the mounds of dirt make the water drain away while watering unless you make a full moat, which in itself is a pain as you then have a perpetually muddy area in the garden just to get enough water to leech over to the potatoes. Back to your original concern, the best way to reduce the trash the next generation has to deal with is to consume fewer non-recyclable goods and recycle everything you can. Even then, trash will build up, most people are not caring what happens to their old tires as they insist on driving, meaning in the end you will only make a small dent in the problem, unfortunately.
jtobako8 years ago
There's re-use and recycle. Re-use won't change the fact that the materiel will still be there to be dealt with later. I've seen retaining walls built from rammed earth and old tires, as well as planters, cement forms (for mobile signs or posts), tire swings and welcome mats (not sure if those were from steel belted or not). Sorry, can't help with recycle unless you count the experimental? use of old tires as fuel for electricity generators.
Old tires can be chopped into mulch or used as filler for plastic building materials and road asphalt, among other things.

Instructables has directions for making old tires into sandals, a belt, and a wallet.

My personal favorite is tire planters.
Kiteman8 years ago
I have seen them used as planters for raised beds, sculpted to make other objects (such as swing seats), and cut up as the raw material for shoe and sandal soles.

This commercially-made swing retails for sixty quid, or you can follow these instructions.

Spot the tyres in this garden. Try these instructions.

And here on Instructables you can find instructions for making sandals.
ChrysN8 years ago
My dad used to make flower pots for the garden. You can also make a swing, shoes, or a compost barrel.