What are some media players other than Windows Media Player, that are free and register mp3 players?

I have an Archos 105, and I am tired of Windows Media Player freezing up whenever I plug in my mp3 or rip a cd. I downloaded VLC Media Player, but it doesn't register when I plug in my mp3.

Re-design8 years ago
REalplayer.  Audacity.
iTunes does work for mp3 players; it's just more complex. you have to start iTunes, then plug in your mp3 player and open it in Windows Explorer, then drag and drop the files from iTunes onto your mp3 player.
i can't think of anything that actually registers ones mp3 player, sorry.
Burf8 years ago
The Archos 105 should work fine with VLC. Maybe you need to update the firmware on your player. The latest version I am aware of is 1.3.03 but there may be a later version. Go to the Archos website to see what is available.
gmxx8 years ago

i was going to say itunes, but that is only for ipods.