What are some things you can do with a plastic mold?

I recently bought a Doctor Who "Flesh Bowl Figure Creator" (www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-Bu8qhVgas) . However, the powder for it doesn't work right. I figure there are some ways to use a plastic mold like this, so do you guys have any ideas/ suggestions?

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Kasm2794 years ago
Jello! The mold might not be food-safe though...
I thought about that also, but I was also concerned about food safety. Some plastics release chemicals when heated that can get into food. My other thought was to melt a bunch of chocolate.
MDheliMech4 years ago
A few options you could try. There is latex for modeling, silicon caulk, melt wax to fill the mold and make a candle. It also depends on the result you are looking for. Hard, soft, rubbery, will you be using the skeleton? If so do you want to be able to remove it? How much money are you willing to spend?
Wire up some small LEDs and put them in the mold with some clear cast resin
thedoctor42 (author)  MDheliMech4 years ago
this also sounds like a cool idea!
You should probably use something for mold release agent for some of these things.
thedoctor42 (author)  MDheliMech4 years ago
I'm looking for something relatively cheap. I'm probably not going to use the skeleton. candle does seem like an interesting idea, I think i'll try it. Thanks!
blkhawk4 years ago
You could use polymer clay.
rickharris4 years ago
Plaster of paris will work - get some fresh stuff.