What are some tips for using watercolor?

 I have a project, and would like some tips on watercolor painting... please?

cvianna17 years ago
It would be helpful if we knew more details... is this abstract or representational? Do you have a specific style or subject in mind? What kind of material are you painting on?

There's all kinds of tricks you can use to get different effects. I would suggest taking the time to do some test trials separately to see what the effects below do:

create a multicolored wash and sprinkle salt into it and let it dry flat.

wet your paper with clean water, dip your brush in pigment and dot it on the paper to create "blooms"

use masking fluid to cover areas of white, paint let dry and then remove masking. Or use clear wax to make resistant areas

Wet your paper  then paint a line of color across it, place it upright and allow gravity to create a bleed or gradient effect.

Blot wet paint to lighten certain areas, use crumpled up paper to create texture

splatter various colors by rubbing a toothbrush with your finger to create a leafy effect for trees.

LoneWolf7 years ago
Sorry, I can't find the instructable anymore :(
Re-design7 years ago
Did you see these?
LoneWolf7 years ago
Hold on, I saw an instructable on that once.....I'll PM you the link when I find it.