What are some ways to "bling" or decorate a wheelchair?

(This is for my lovely grandmother, mind you.. but she can be a bit spunky at times.)

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acidbass7 years ago
 some rims streamers glitter and why dont you just ask her?
Kiteman7 years ago
There are kits for adding EL WIre and similar to bike wheels - they should work on the back wheels of a traditional wheelchair.

I saw a bloke in a chair a couple of weeks ago, the small front wheels had been replaced with something like those light-up heel-wheels that kids use - when they moved, they blinked different colours.

Add horns and bells to she can scare pedestrians out of her route.

Fog lights.

Some sort of sound-effect player, so that she sit at a pedestrian crossing and "rev her engine" waiting for the lights to change.

I wonder if Gram gets going fast enough for a POV display....
Oh, the mental image...
I'm thinking some kind of unholy hybrid of Jessica Tandy, David Carridine from Death Race 2000, the disco set from Saturday Night Fever, and a Dalek.
Okay, who here has seen Ben Hur?  Wheel spikes!
Whoa!  That rocks, Kiteman. 
You really need to read some Pratchett...