What are some ways to control an ROV?

Does anyone know how to run( and power) a 5 motor ROV? Info Tether: 2x Cat5 4x 14ga wires

jforb8 years ago
We used some Cathode Corner prototype speed controllers, connected to vEx transmitters. http://selectric.org/nurc has more info.
gmxx8 years ago
i like the maker controller, and the ifi stuff, but the ifi stuff is expensive.

The phidgets boards do not work well, speaking from experience.

you can see: http://home.comcast.net/~homebuiltrovs/howtocontroloptions.html
for more ideas
tseres8 years ago
www.ifirobotics.com get ahold of a fer victors, as they use PWM www.banebots.com there should be some other good PWM speed controllers to use with a RC controller or a microcontroller