What are the best hunting boots?

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ive heard for winter boots that at least f 400 grams of insulation is needed to keep your feet warm. i have a pair of mossy oak boots that is probably the best pair iv'e ever owned. your wasting your money if you don't get anything waterproof, and leather is a good choice to. be sure that when you purchase the boots you are wearing the same socks you will be hunting with. it can make a huge differencee in fit.
I don't know where you are from but , as Onrust, says, the military route is a good one.

I bought a pair of these British boots from an ex-soldier ; they are faultless:
very comfortable    ( the most comfortable boot that I've ever worn)


Burf6 years ago
It depends; do you want summer boots, winter boots, rocky terrain, wet and muddy terrain, or sandy terrain? If you want some suggestions for specific brands, look at Lowa, North Face, Merrell, Asolo and Zamberlan. Shop stores which specialize in hiking and hunting equipment and discuss your particular needs with one of the clerks. Be prepared for prices ranging from $150 to $300 dollars for top quality boots.
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Military issue