What are the best yoga postures to stretch your back and neck?

Due to continuous discomfort in the cervical, I am looking for the maximum possible variety of asanas or stretching exercises of the back and neck.

Toga_Dan9 months ago

find a class. Or a dvd. Or youtube. Just follow it, but take care not to strain. It's not so much a matter of finding 1 or 2 postures, IMHO.

Or find the book "pain free" by Egoscue.

Vyger9 months ago

Are you looking for a forum for spam?

I hear that hanging up side down from your ankles does a good job of stretching you out. Its called inversion thearpy.

iceng9 months ago

I do 25 reps of 50 Lbs lying on my back...

Yoga postures can be dangerous to me....