What are the dimensions of a standard utility knife blade?

Burf7 years ago
A quick measurement of a Stanley blade:
1 15/16"  X  1 1/4"  X  3/4"   with 2 notches, each  1/8" wide with the pair centered on the short side of the blade,  1/8" apart
Warholm2 years ago

60 mm / 32 mm Long ( long/short edges)

18,8 mm wide

notches 3,7 mm wide centered on short side center tab = 2,9 mm

Thickness 1 mm (different thicknesses available)

Bevel aprox 3mm

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Burf7 years ago
Correction: that first measurement should be 2 7/16" the other measurements are right.
I'm not sure what was on my mind when I wrote 1 15/16".