What are the perfect circumstances to get laser eye surgery done for eye sight weakness?

What are the best circumstances  or best time to get the laser treatment for eye sight surgery?
I know i should talk to an eye surgeon for this, but before going to him may be its a good idea to talk to people here who have a prior experience and have themselves undergone the procedure.

Also it would be great if someone can suggest me some reasonable costs for laser eye treatment.


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Thanks you guys! I was actually looking into Thanks for the myth busters article on lasik for awhile. Looks like I'm ready!
jessesToons5 years ago
I would love to have lasik Idaho falls. I have read up on it enough that If I had the money to do it right now I would. I have read up on it and know a few people who have done it and every time its been a success. I would take it in a heart beat! It's amazing we have the information and technology to to stuff like this now days! Blows me away.
I had worn glasses for near sightedness for 30 years,I had the latest greatest version( LASIK Wave Front Surgery) it cost $2700CDN.It's technology removed very little material from my eye to achieve 20/20 vision.I  have no complaint's including those that other's say about nightvision. I return to the clinic every year for a checkup,should my aging eyes change this procedure will be performed again to achieve correctness for free.Other version's of Lasik are much cheaper, remove more material and eventually revert as your eyes age.
Don't cheap out on this,wave front is worth every penny,it's been 3 years and everything is still HD all the way by the way I'm 50 years old now.

Re-design7 years ago
Before I would do the laser but, I would investigate the lens replacement.  I've talked to two people after they had the surgery and both said it wasn't bad, no pain but best of all they could both see like they could as a teenager.  Alltho one did not keep up with the muscle exercises and her vision is not as strong as it was soon after the surgery.  So you have to strengthen the muscles.
frollard7 years ago
LASIK ideal candidates...
Another issue relates to the actual pupil diameter that is treated by the surgery - in the dark, your pupils dilate more than that modified diameter, and you get artifacts in your field of view - flares, distortions etc. If you value your night sight (my hobby is astronomy) laser surgery isn't for you.
Kiteman7 years ago
Personally, even though I am very short-sighted, I would not have laser surgery.

Even though it would help, I consider the failure rate to be too high, plus, your eyes change as you age anyway, so you end up needing glasses again anyway.

Stick to contacts - far fewer health risks.
Karletto5557 years ago
before the surgery your dioptry should be stable for at least a year because there's no point doing the surgery, if your dioptry didn't stop to climb. thay check also your health, eye pressure etc.