What are the rails on this Craftsman table saw?

I have a Craftsman table saw with a cast steel top and extension. It is an older model 113.298150. It has a fence front rail and back rail of aluminum that I do not believe is original. The fence is missing. I need help to determine what brand of fence. I will try to attach profile pictures of the rails.Thanks

Picture of What are the rails on this Craftsman table saw?
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MRHint6 years ago
From what I can tell, they look like aluminum door extrusions (like 80/20).
I can't tell for sure, but it looks like a Biesemyer fence rail.
acidbass6 years ago
looks like it was atached by a previous owner so there could be more "length" capabilities for the saw
aeray6 years ago
I agree. It also looks quite similar to my Rigid saw, and it definitely isn't the Craftsman original, which for this saw looks like a simple piece of angle iron. The only thing that makes me think it isn't a Rigid is that it seems to be lacking the retention tabs at the end of the rail...
Re-design6 years ago
I agree. My Rigid saw has a similar setup. The may or may not have been an aftermarket setup. your can probably find a replacement guide to fit it, or just start with another aftermarket set. They start at about $75 and to to over $2,000, depending on how much you want to brag.