What are the solid materials that dissolve in a liquid substance?

Other than sugar and salt I need 2 examples 

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AndyGadget5 years ago
There will probably be a few in your kitchen apart from the ones you've mentioned.  Try a few things out.  It will be an easy experiment.  (Hint - A good place to look is where your mother keeps the baking things.  Also, think of a certain hot drink.) 
If you're thinking of the same hot drink I am, that is not a solution. It's a colloidal suspension. The finely ground particles remain dispersed through the water mainly due to Brownian motion. If you let it sit, though, you'll end up with the larger, heavier particles settling to the bottom in a brownish-blask sludge.
+1, Science, it works.
iceng5 years ago
There are lots of solids, here are two I have used
potassium ferrocyanide and alum.

alum.jpgpotassium ferrocyanide.jpg
Emma-science (author)  iceng5 years ago
So these two dissolve in water? and you're sure from you're answer right?
By supersaturating a water mixture of either chemical and letting a tiny
seed crystal in the solution grow bit by bit to a large crystals which are
pictured in this thread.  Very much like sugar crystals are made.

Vyger iceng5 years ago
Copper sulfate. The list is not endless but it is pretty big.
It is a pretty big list. Thankfully there is a poem to help you remember which ionic compounds are soluble in water,and which are not.  Ahem:

Nitrates and acetates melt into water.
Sulfates and chlorides dissolve as they oughtta.
Sulfates and chlorides of silver and lead:
These are exceptions that stick in your head.

Calcium sulfate and calcium oxide,
Fall to the bottom just like the hydroxide.
Maybe a little bit starts to dissolve;
Sparingly soluble salts they are called.

And So-di-um too,
Make soluble compounds with everything;
The rest don't dissolve; we're through.


Ice doesn't dissolve in water......
alumina dissolves in contact with liquid aluminium
I did not know that. That sounds like it would be very handy for disposing of those unwanted rubies and sapphires.
Yeah, we do it ALL the time.

Came as a nasty shock first time it happened to me . Took out a 1000 dollar thermocouple IIRC
Don't forget ice cubes.