What are the specs of microwave transformer?

I am trying to build an AC arc welder from transformers. I need to know how many amps, volts and watts a normal microwave transformer outputs because i am trying to use different transformers, as i don't have two microwaves on hand. -Thank You

Wesley6666 years ago
Depends on the transformer. Usually they have one primary input and two outputs. One output is either 2000vac ( they usually are) unless you have a really old one like I do and it puts out 12vac at 60amps. The secondary is 12v at low amps for running everything else (timer and what not) but if you have one that generates 2000v turn it around and you will get 12v 60amps out of the input. This is tricky though as sometimes the transformer will just blow the breaker.
eric m6 years ago
squirt85006 years ago
How many pins are the on the transformer? If you have a Multimeter try to see what pins connect to the other pins and if they do connect check how many ohms each connection is, the connection with less ohms will probably be the one that you connect to the wall and the connection with more ohms one will probably be the one connected to the welder.