What are these components I harvested from old boards?

If you know what any of the components in the pictures are please leave a comment with the number of the picture in which the component you are referring to is in.


Picture of  What are these components I harvested from old boards?
2012-07-02 19.19.22.jpg
2012-07-02 19.19.52.jpg
2012-07-02 19.20.14.jpg
2012-07-02 19.21.05.jpg
2012-07-02 19.21.17.jpg
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The coils are "chokes" or inductors, the square package with two wires usually has three ? and the white thing is a CdS cell, a photoresistor.
google whatever letters and numbers are on the black package, that should get you the datasheet, which will tell you what it is. All we are likely to be able to say is that it is a generic package.

It looks too thin to be a regular transistor package?
Looks like an "E-line" package - the ZTX series transistors used them
DoctorDv5 years ago
Picture 1: maybe inductors
Picture 2: coils
Picture 3: ?
Picture 4: ?
Picture 5: Photoresistor
Picture 6: Photoresistor
mdog93 (author) 5 years ago
I don't think it is a transistor- but it could be a type i haven't come across- i'll try and read the letters although the print is minuscule!

Are the choke the coils in the ffirst or second picture or are they both types of chokes?
Both are inductors. The term choke typically means an inductor used in a primarily DC circuit. The first picture includes ferrite or ferromagnetic cores which enhance inductance.
mdog93 (author)  bwrussell5 years ago
Ok cheers. Any idea when i might use these? :p and if i could use then is Teresa away of determining the values?
chokes are used as filters. They block high frequencies while passing low frequencies. Most often these are found in radio circuits. There are two main types of chokes, one to filter radio frequencies and one to filter audio frequencies.

As with any inductor you can use it to generate a magnetic field or use a moving magnetic field to generate a current. Inductors form the basis of transformers and research into inductive power transfer, a way to transmit power without wires.

Search "measuring inductance" for lots of methods and examples on how to determine the specs of your coils.
bwrussell5 years ago
The last two are a photoresistor. The amount of light it is exposed to changes it's resistance value. Used to turn on lights when it gets dark, etc.