What are you doing for Christmas?

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frollard7 years ago
This would make a great topic in the Community Forums. It's not a fact-based Q&A that we can give objective answers.

Personally I'll be home, looking at the wall.
canida frollard7 years ago
You're in the frozen north, right?
Take the opportunity to do something creative with snow, if you've got it. There's a snowman contest coming up in Jan/Feb, exact date TBD whenever most of the continent gets hit by snow.

Making a Calvin & Hobbes-style snowman diorama is much superior to staring at a wall.
How about planning on coming over here next year, around one of our big meetups ?

That's a long ways away!...could be done with enough preplanning. I do have family over tehre and am planning a visit eventually :)
Well now you have an excuse to get away.....
lemonie7 years ago

Getting supremely trashed on whatever is available - time booked-off work.

That's important, but it's not all about gettin' trashed, you know. It's about the Holiday. You gotta respect the Holiday!

"... goodwill to men... presents in the den ... and stockings hung by the m@#$%^f**#&n fireplace with care."

. That link is NSFW, Jack. Please give is a little warning next time.
Sorry about that. I will try to give you some warning next time. I almost did write a few words of caution... but then I didn't want to ruin the surprise. I mean the excessive profanity is part of the fun, but no... looking back at it, you're right. I'll try to be more transparent next time. I hope you didn't have the speakers turned up too loud.

Yes I saw that already, this is a good site to check repeatedly:

acidbass7 years ago
I shall be with family and friends chugging eggnog and...........chugging eggnog........ing eggnog.............eggnog.........."cough"............"splutter/gag"....................Woohoo! I did it! now I feel sick
orksecurity7 years ago