What are you guys using to play MKV files on Mac?

What are you guys using to play MKV files on Mac? QuickTime doesn't support.

There are two methods to play MKV files on Mac OS X

Method 1 Install a MKV player

Method 2 Convert MKV to Mac more supported MOV or MP4

You may try iDealshare VideoGo which can direclty play MKV on Mac OS X or convert MKV to MOV or MP4 on Mac OS X

You may find it at


JeeraryciB3 years ago

Some people reported VLC software had some critical vulnerability that attackers can potentially exploit to execute malicious code on computer. Since then I forsaked it and turned to a MKV application to dispose of MKV files' playback. I suggest this MKV playback application for you.

DevinMariah3 years ago

Macgo Free Mac Media Player

This is what I'm using. Easy and concise.

VLC is my first choice before, but it fails me sometimes when I use Blu-ray disc.

kelseymh3 years ago

Google says to use VLC. Did you try that search?