What are your top 10 songs?

What are your top 10 songs? Share them here! Let out your inner music, let the world know your songs!

List your top 10 songs in a comment below and then I will pick the best answeer to someone who has a good taste in music :)

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DJ Radio8 years ago
For now:

1- New Boyz: You're a jerk
2- Snoop Dogg: Vato
3- TI ft. P$C: do ya thang
4- Eminem: Till I collapse
5- TI: 24's
6- Drake: Best I ever had
7: Notorious BIG: Big poppa
8: Notorious BIG: Unbelievable
9: Eminem: Lose yourself
10: Pop it off boyz: Crank dat batman
-INXSs-7 years ago
1) Stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin 2) Starlight - Muse 3) Sweet Child O Mine - Guns N' Roses 4) One - Metallica 5) Time Is Running Out - Muse 6) Viva La Vida - Coldplay 7) Lets Get It Started (or better - Lets Get Retarded) - Black Eyed Peas 8) Till I Collapse - Eminem 9) Red Flag - Billy Talent 10) Blurry - Puddle Of Mudd These are just some of the things i like lately, and most of them are older songs.. definetaly check out muse if you haven't heard ot them..
KNEXFRANTIC7 years ago
1.yes close to the edge 2.yes and you and i 3.yes sibereahn khatru 4.the beatles a day in the life of 5. simon and garfunkel the boxer 6.nirvana smells like teen spirit 7.the beatles strawberry feilds 8.the beatles lucy in the sky with diomands 9.the beatles elenory rigby 10.tyranousouras rex harli
only have 6 but still awesome
1-iron maiden-paschendale
2-the charile daniels band-simple man
3-children of bodom-banned from heaven
5-lynrd skynrd-unbroken
and 6-jason paige-pokemon theme song
ajleece8 years ago
AC/DC - Baby Please Don't Go; Can I Sit Next To You Girl; Love Song; TNT; High Voltage; Whole Lotta Rosie; Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap; Let There Be Rock; Rock In Peace; Riff Raff; What's Next To The Moon

Guns 'n' Roses - November Rain; Sweet Child 'o' Mine; Paradise City; Welcome To The Jungle; Don't Cry; Night Train.

Technohead - I Want To Be A Hippie (And I Want To Get Stoned)

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Time Warp
You sir, have an awesome taste in music.
Don't i just! xD
webby4277 years ago
does anybody listen to proper music lol : (
What do you define as proper music?
hip hop/rap
bigdylan918 years ago
These are my top 10 at the moment

1-Boyz in The Hood-Dynamitehack
2Paul Revere-Beastie boys
3-The Roof is on Fire-The Bloodhound Gang
4-Sad But True-Metallica
5-Half Truism-The Offspring
7-Sabotage-Beastie Boys
8-Pretender-Foo Fighters
9-Humpty Dance-Digital Underground
10-If you can only see-Tonic
Cyanide is epic epicness.
your #5 is the best song ever!!!
that list has changed completely
lemonie8 years ago
When people do this they normally do it as a Forum topic - look and you'll find them.

Hiyadudez (author)  lemonie8 years ago
But its a question :)
But the "Best Answer" is based on your opinion.
that's a funny name(i play bass clarinet)
Oh, thanks...cool. I had to drop it though because of a lack of time to do stuff. :(
bigdylan917 years ago
I thought i should give an updated list

1-What's My Age Again?- Blink 182
2-Mutt- Blink 182
3-Pursuit of Happiness- Kid Cudi
4-Graduate- Third Eye Blind
5-Wasting My Time- Default
6-In Too Deep- Sum 41
7-Everything To Everyone- Everclear
8-Got Me Wrong- Alice In Chains
9-Float On- Modest Mouse
10-Lazy Eye- Silversun Pickups
knuckel7 years ago
 umm. . . idk if anyone hear has the same taste as me :( , if so, msg me.
knee deep: job for a cowboy
snuff: slipknot
vermamilion: slipknot
vices: silversten
make you move: dj E-Maxx
caramelldasen; luckystar - BEST SONG IN THE WORLD

in no order:
-your gonna go far kid, the offspring
-monkey wrench, foo fighters (don't wanna be your monkey wrench)
-rusted from the rain, billy talent
-tears into wine, billy talent
-devour, shinedown
-sound of madness, shinedown
-in the end, linkin park
-pretender, foo fighters
-even flow, pearl jam (they stuck a 5 minute guitar solo into it at the concert)
-I hate everything about you, 3 days grace
wow we must be the only 2 here who listen to real music. sad >.>
late, but..... SHINEDOWN ROCKS!!!!
(In no particular order):

-"Jump"-Van Halen
-"Panama"-Van Halen
-Under Pressure-Queen with David Bowie
-"Radio Ga Ga"-Queen
-"Final Countdown"-Europe
-"Summer of '69"-Brian Adams
-"Hot Blooded"-Foreigner
-"Livin' On a Prayer"-Bon Jovi
-"Learning to Fly"-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Oblivitus8 years ago
Top 11

2. Hotel California- Eagles
3. Civil War- Guns N' Roses
4. Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
5. In The Air Tonight- Phil Collins
6. American Pie- Don Mclean
7. I'd Love To Change The World- Ten Years After
8. Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd
9. Simple Man- Lynyrd Skynyrd
10. Like A Rock- Bob Seger
11. Faceless Man- Creed
Seleziona8 years ago
These are what i like right now: 
Ghosts n' stuff (feat. Rob Swire) by Deadmau5
Feel good drag- Anberlin
Scream-Thousand Foot Krutch
True Faith- Anberlin
Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
Haven't met you yet- Michael Buble
Empire state of mind- Jay-Z
orksecurity8 years ago
_My_ best songs (ie, the best I've written so far) are mostly posted on my website... I think I might be up to ten I'm really satisfied with by now.
5-finger discount   choking victim
unity    operation ivy
true colors    ane brun
first day of my life    bright eyes
you are the moon   the hush sound

across the universe remake of revloution byt he beatles originalllyms new booty   bubba sparxxx (fun to dance to XD)
minor threat    minor threat
lucy in the sky with diamonds   the beatles

extinguish    strike anywhere 
kinda random songs but yea     
The General-Dispatch
1-calm like a bomb by rage against the machine
2-doo-uap,doo uap by gabin
3-Halleluja by anyone who can sing well
4-i dont like many songs,there are a couple more that is pretty much it