What att phone would you recomend?

Im haveing trouble deciding on a upgrade phone. Im a teen that texts (that being the most important) and i was hoping of using it as my mp3. iv been debating samsung impression, lg vu plus, samsung mythic?

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acidbass7 years ago
my friend has a mythic and it is awesome but lem is right you need to look at what would suit you the best from a look and functionality standpoint (all of the phones you have listed are about the same price) but i recommend the mythic
zigzagchris (author) 7 years ago
I decided on the samsung mythic. The hardware is good and goodlooking. Only problems are the screen is resistive apposed to capacitive like my ipod touch. It took time to get used to.My sibbling got the impression and is attempting to return becuase of the max texts glitch zero discussed. Thanks for the suggestions
gmxx7 years ago
i would highly recommend not getting the impression. if you are like me, and text heavily, the phone will not serve you well. Many of my friends, and i have this issue with the phone becoming locked up and needing to reboot before it can send a text. I eventually returned the phone, and got a pantech impact. i would highly recommend it
lizzyastro7 years ago
Motorola Backflip Over here in the UK I have the Motorola Dext (Cliq) and I really like the slide out QWERTYkeyboard for texting. Like the Dext the Backflip has all the facebook & twitter stuff included on it too so it is easy to keep in contact with your friends
lemonie7 years ago

What do you want in terms of look, functionality and cost? Give people something to start from here.