What best operating software to run...?

I am about to open an Internet Cafe that will be using a thin client system, about 10 to 20 seat, and just one Dell 2650 server; what best operating software can I use with the Dell Server?
XP pro, 2000, 2003, or what?

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paulger4 years ago
I've started using Windows 8 and I'm quite satisfied.

There is a lot of software which is available for this OS.

Check here:
Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Server Edition

Good Luck
Vyger4 years ago
Here is another possibility for you. Try just using Knoppix booted from the DVD. You don't need a hard drive, don't need antivirus and if it gets messed up just reboot. You don't need a server either. It will not save anything unless they put it on a removable drive. It is loaded with a bunch of software , games, utilities, browsers, everything. Oh, and its free. How about that, you can try it out in a test run and it will cost you nothing.
frollard4 years ago
If the 10-20 systems are using remote terminal thin sessions you'll need a server edition OS. XP won't cut it...2000 is pretty dated at this point.
bwrussell4 years ago
You might want to rephrase the question. I think people are avoiding your question just assuming it's going to lead to a flame war.

Haven't really used any of those besides XP and I'm guessing it is the most robust of the three.