What can I do with LOADS of size #32 rubberbands?

What can I do with LOADS of size #32 rubberbands?

Something cool. NOT A RUBBERBAND BALL!

Thanks :-)

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Weave your own bungie cord and go bungie jumping!*

* Do not, under any circumstances, weave your own bungie cord and go bungie jumping.
Catt1234566 years ago
Have a really epic war with them.
yapoyo6 years ago
shoot them at paper targets- you can do al sorts of mischief with them.
Owenmon7 years ago
Make a slingshot! Make a huge strand and attach it to doorknobs in a hall, and shoot things with it! (Beanie Babies work best. :-D) 
lol, that's awesome XD
 Simple, make a rubber band gun!
Shadowman397 years ago
Ah man, I was going to say rubber band ball. XD

How about a trampoline? Or a soft pillow?
A pillow?
Lol. :-P It would just be a pile of rubber bands.
Lol, ya
Eat a zebra.
Good idea, I'm gonna try that one.
The Jamalam7 years ago
Make more K'nex guns.
Bartboy7 years ago
Those are the really thick ones right?
I made a gun a while ago... I think I called it "Bartboys awesome gun"... something stupid like that.
But it was made for #32s, and it was good.
With 3 #32s, it could shoot accurately up to 30 feet, and could go through a box with L ammo.
L ammo?
Green rod+Yellow rod+Red connector..
Seems like a weird type of ammo, but I suppose it would work. I'll try it out!
Much worse than sniper rods, but easier to make.

This gun uses that type:

travw Bartboy7 years ago
No. Half the thickness of #64's.
~Z~ travw7 years ago
I have those and i use about... hmm about 16 of them on one knex gun?
 start war with russia

travw7 years ago
Bind crap together.
bounty10127 years ago
Send them to me? :P
GAG37 years ago
Make a knex bass guitar...PLZ
jeff-o7 years ago
Grathio7 years ago
You might find some solutions in this question from a few days ago.
~KGB~7 years ago
not IaCs crossbow...
Kiteman7 years ago
Sneakily ping lots of people in the leg...
well u are a knexer i figured u would use them to make guns haha how about u make a little wooden catapult?
sharlston7 years ago
rubber band gunuse them for what theryre ment for
put them on nurf guns to make it more powerfuller
make a pen gun