What can I do with a Pentium II processor that I found?

I found the motherboard of a computer in a dumpster, and I picked it out so that I could work on my desoldering skills. There was a Pentium II processor (in perfect condition-probably still works), but my computer uses a Pentium 4 processor. Our computer is VERY slow, and is there a way to annex the processor I found with my Pentium 4, and would this speed up my computer? If not, what could I do with this?

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Gamer9178 years ago
wear it on your belt buckle theres an instructible about it somewhere
dombeef8 years ago
How about A counterweight? Bend the pins down and there you go. Well i use it as one
p0tty8 years ago
you can build a low power pc to run NES emulators, or do some basic word processing with an old version of Word, but that woul entail you getting the rest of the parts to build such a pc. Suffice to say, no you cannot use it in any way on your P4 pc.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. According to Wikipedia, the max clock speed of a PII is 450 MHz. . Plus what the other ppl said.
frollard8 years ago
LOL@hairbrush Yeah - short of something neat lookin with gold plated pins... mousetrap element from hell?
gmxx8 years ago
you cant annex the processor.... theres not much a pII is good for nowadays.... i used an old processor as a hairbrush, but thats about it.