What can I do with a lump of dry ice?

I don't have a lump but I am curios all the things I could do with one if I bought some.

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lemonie7 years ago
Impress people by breaking it in two with your head (I did)

janw7 years ago
use it to keep your beer cool. (seems pretty obvious to me)
aeray7 years ago
caarntedd aeray7 years ago
I've recommended this to a non-instructables using friend. Good work.
aeray caarntedd7 years ago
Let me know how it goes for them. I'm interested in feedback.
frollard7 years ago
There are lots of examples online if you search, just remember in most places you have to be the age of majority (adult) to purchase it, because it can be used for evil as well as good.
put your tongue on it. 8^)
Burf7 years ago

Besides cooling things down, try some of the things here:


And type in the words, "experiments with dry ice" in Google for a lot of other 'cool' ideas.