What can I do with an old air soft gun?

 I love air soft. So much, that I broke one of my guns. what could I do with it ?

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tomtortoise7 years ago
get another of the same kind and have a second mag, have replacement parts, take out the internals and make a custom, prop gun.
 Thats a good idea
 if you Have the barrel then you could rap some electrical tape around one end and use it as  a blow dart,
cah el7 years ago
you could make it into a prop weapon but that's if your into that kind of thing or part it off
seabananers7 years ago

put it together and sell it on the black market get the cash and run like hell

 Evil...I like it
You could throw it away and buy a real airsoft gun.
 thanks for the bright idea
You're welcome.