What can I do with empty laser toner cartridges?

Surely there's something cool that can be done with these... I haven't taken one apart yet- but I will. 
Anyone have ideas?

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there is ,in almost all toner cartridges, a long bar magnet wich is pretty powerfull but that is pretty much all there is to get in toner cartridges.
there is also a big metal tube wich is next to this magnetic bar
orksecurity6 years ago
Before you sacrifice them, be aware that some stores will take them for recycling, issuing you a store credit. Usually not a lot, but it helps keep cost of operation down.
Staples issues a store credit. Its not much, but its something.
Depending on the kind of toner inside, you might be able to make some ferro-fluid (Magnetic liquid)

lemonie6 years ago

They can be recycled. (ork)

rickharris6 years ago
DON'T open it unless you want to spread carbon dust all over your house!!!

in addition it isn't considered good for your health.