What can I do with old guitar strings?

Since I started performing semi-regularly I find that I'm getting through guitar strings much more quickly. I feel bad simply throwing my old strings in the dustbin, but the local recycling effort doesn't accept them. So I'm looking for something to do with my old strings. Is there a way to recycle them, or can anyone suggest something interesting to do with them?

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lemonie8 years ago
Well you could use them to garrote people, but I don't think you're inclined to be a killer. Make an acoustic musical instrument: sound box, bridge, frets - show us what you can do? L
That's what I was gonna say!
Kiteman lemonie8 years ago
alffly (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Now this I like. Might give it a go!
lemonie Kiteman8 years ago
Didn't know about them before today (why am I thinking about Myst?) thanks. L
alffly (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Garrote people, eh? Hmm... I like it! Best Answer! ;)
They're very strong.. bet they'd make good fishing line leader for bass & catfishin'!
mwfaniej7 years ago
iamdan7 years ago
You could always use them for shoe strings, but if ur gonna do that, bass strings would be the better option.
Kiteman8 years ago
Make simple motion sensors for throwies or blinkie bugs.
Kiteman Kiteman8 years ago
Or make a bracelet.
Ha, Ha! That's just what I was going to say! Strange.... ;)
iamtoats8 years ago
the 3 higher strings are usually rusted, or black and about to rust... so i throw those away. Then i use the others to tie things, or hang paintings. I have lots of strings (have to change them every month or they rust on me!) and lots of artwork.
gummypaul8 years ago
Use them to clean out carburetor passages and jets.
alffly (author)  gummypaul8 years ago
I don't drive, but I could donate a few to people I know who do. Cheers!