What can I do with old school notebooks and used paper from notebooks?

Anyone have any tips to recycle old used school notebooks and used paper?

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I take my extra paper to an Paper Recycler/Abitibi dumpster after I have used all the paper I can on projects.
ahmad52047 years ago
paper airplanes etc
Box-O-Trix8 years ago
You can rip/shred the paper, place in asome form of tub/container, add water and leave for a day, stiring and agrivating everynow and again, then the mulch can be shaped into blocks (using a homemade mould or internet bought presser) and make paper bricks, these are great for burning on real fires and chimaneas (not sure on the sp)
vee778 years ago
Recycle the old notebooks using the binder rings to make a notebook out of cardboard.
Z..8 years ago
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Z..8 years ago
I put all my paper in a large bin (stuff that really needs shredding because it's private bills/link mail etc.,), when I have it half full, I fill it with water (use the hose outside);- to level with the top of the paper. I let this soak, then give it a bit of a prod with a stick or whatever. Now use it as a mulch on the garden. It isn't the best mulch you can get, but it works well, and breaks down into the soil nicely.
You could always put the used paper toward the creation of new recycled paper. You could cut down the plastic covers into dividers for documents, albums, CDs or magazines. You could also rework that plastic into jewelry and use the wire spine as cording.
wearingpink8 years ago
last semester I used old schoolwork paper to make a recycling bin for my room: Get a big stack of paper that is pretty plain (no staples or fringes). I had some colored paper so it looked cool. Spread it out in a line so that each paper is mostly on top of the next, but over a cm or something. This is like when you spread a deck of cards out and then flip them over from one end, ya know? Anyway, get them nice, and use two long strips of duct tape to hold it together. If you have enough for the circumference of the size you want, that's good. If not do some more. When you have enough, flip it over, and again do the two duct tapes, but have enough to tape it into a circle. Now you have a cylinder. As for the bottom, you just have to take a bunch and make a circle shape with tabs or something. Then go on the inside and duct tape the hell out of it. This is the hardest part.